Batavians for Clean Energy and Conservation


BCEC offers local ideas for light green living.

We each try to do the best for ourselves and our world and there are many great local resources here in the Fox Valley to make it easier.

Our community offers many events, meetings and volunteer opportunities throughout the year to help strengthen our city and our commitment to environment. Keep an eye on our upcoming events section to see what is happening!If you would like to submit information about local environmental events and resources   We can be reached at, or

History of BCEC: Batavians for Clean Energy and Conservation 
In February of 2005, the citizens’ group, Batavians for Clean Energy, was founded by Ann Drover and Linda Sonner out of their concern about the City of Batavia’s plans to become part owners of the Prairie State Power Facility, a proposed coal-fired power plant southeast of St. Louis, MO.  As other Batavians joined the effort and discussed the energy issue, they agreed that more emphasis should be placed upon the need for energy efficiency and conservation.  Hence, conservation was added to the organization’s name.  In an effort to educate the public, we spearheaded a series of symposia offered in 2006.  Topics included conservation in the garden and at home, energy tips for small businesses, and a holiday symposium that offered suggestions for experiencing meaningful holidays with less environmental impact.  BCEC with the strong leadership of Ann Drover and her energetic, talented committee organized EnvironExpos 2006 and 2007 at which attendees learned from over 50 exhibitors ways to incorporate more sustainable living practices in their lives. 

With the involvement of citizens in such a grassroots organization as BCEC, the awareness level has been raised within the community.  Discussion of energy and other related environmental issues with leaders of our city government led to the creation of the Batavia Environmental Commission.   Its purpose is to be a resource to city government and the community at large in promoting and developing a sustainable approach to life and being responsible stewards of the Earth.